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Why am I being asked for a user name and password ?
You have visited the Symetrix Data and Security Customer Centre, a section of the Symetrix website that has been exclusively developed for monitored clients.

The Customer Centre allows you to access a range of additional online features that provide greater control over your security requirements, and help you get more from your Symetrix products and services.

If you're not already registered, you will need a current Symetrix Website username and password.
To register, simply call the Symetrix Hotline on 1300-097-727 and request a website username and password.

Please Note: This service is only available to current Symetrix customers only.

Functions available once you have successfully registered
  • View the Status of Your Alarm System, at any time, LIVE and SECURELY over the internet.
  • Update Contact Details, as well as add, and remove site and automated message contacts
  • View Previous Alarm Transmissions and Security Incident Details
  • View and Edit Alarm System Details such as Zone and User Information

    How do I register for 'Customer Centre' Access
    Simply provide us with your details, and choose a username and password. It's that simple.
    Call Symetrix on 1300-097-727

    I've forgotten my username and password ? What should I do ?
    Your username and/or password can be reset or changed, once your identity has been verified.
    To have your username and or password reset, simply call Symetrix on 1300-097-727